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U.S. CIO – Increased focus on providing citizens with access to government data sets

Via DataInformed, Tam Harbert: “The White House has undertaken two major cloud and data initiatives to open up its data troves, Steven L. VanRoekel, U.S. federal CIO said:

  • Through its “cloud-first policy,” the Administration is encouraging agencies to move more aggressively to using the cloud. Through the Federal Risk Authorization and Management Program (Fed RAMP) the government offers guidelines on cloud providers, so agencies have a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. One cloud vendor, Autonomic Resources, has already been approved under those guidelines.
  • The Digital Government Strategy was launched in May with the goal of delivering better digital services to citizens. Under the strategy, agencies are to start to catalog and publish data, and “to think about machine readable as the new default inside government,” according to VanRoekel. Launched in May, the effort is a bit behind its schedule to publish a government-wide open data policy, but VanRoekel said last fall that the aim was to publish that in early 2013.”
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