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UK Intellectual Property Office – Consultation on Modernising Copyright

“Implementing the Hargreaves review: In May 2011 Professor Ian Hargreaves published his Independent review of IP & growth. The 10 recommendations were broadly accepted in the Government’s response document issued on 3 August 2011. We will be using this page to provide updates, data, consultation information and progress reports on the work we’re doing and where we are making progress.
Progress to date July 2012 Government Policy Statement: Consultation on modernising copyright. 2 July 2012, the Government published a policy statement on modernising copyright licensing document in light of the recent consultation. The Government also published updated impact assessments on each of the three proposals in the policy statement. The Government intends to legislate as soon as possible to:

  • allow schemes to be introduced for the commercial and non-commercial use of ‘orphan’ copyright works and voluntary extended collective licensing of copyright works, subject to a number of important safeguards, and
  • to create a backstop power to require collecting societies to adopt codes of conduct based on minimum standards…”

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