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Young people’s mental and emotional health – Trajectories and drivers in childhood and adolescence

Research from the Education Policy Institute and The Prince’s Trust, January 2021: “This report investigates how mental and emotional health (MEH) changes as children move into and through adolescence, as well as the individual-, family-, school-and area-level factors that drive positive and poor MEH. To supplement the quantitative analysis, virtual focus groups were conducted with young people aged 14 to 16. These had a mixture of genders, backgrounds and experiences related to mental health. Given the known rise in prevalence of mental illness from childhood to adolescence, particularly in girls, this analysis aims to dig more deeply into young people’s mental health and well being in this period of life. Poor mental health in adolescence is strongly associated with poor mental health in adulthood, which, in turn, can affect relationships, societal engagement and productivity. Since the arrival of Covid-19, the prevalence of probable mental disorders has risen substantially to one in six young people, from one in nine in 2017. In response, the government has announced anew £500m funding package focused on children and young people’s mental health services, yet this amounts to less than £250 per young person with a diagnosable disorder and is unlikely to make a significant difference…”

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