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Unauthorized Aliens: Policy Options for Providing Targeted Immigration Relief

CRS – Unauthorized Aliens: Policy Options for Providing Targeted Immigration Relief, Andorra Bruno, Specialist in Immigration Policy, February 13, 2013

  • “The 113th Congress is expected to consider comprehensive immigration reform legislation. If and when it does, a key challenge will be how to address the unauthorized alien population, estimated to number some 11 million. The unauthorized alien population is often treated as if it were monolithic, but it is, in fact, quite diverse. It includes individuals who entered the United States in different ways, for different reasons, and who have different types of connections to the United States. The circumstances of individuals who compose the unauthorized alien population affect their treatment under immigration law, especially with respect to prospects for obtaining legal status in the United States. Relevant immigration status-related factors include mode of entry into the United States, length of unlawful presence in the country, and the existence of family or employment connections.”
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