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Understanding the Federal Government’s “IT Insecurity” Crisis

February 5, 2015 Report From the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers – “U.S. taxpayers have paid $59 billion for data protection since Fiscal Year 2010, including $10.3 billion in the most recent year under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). This week, the Obama Administration proposed a $14 billion cybersecurity budget for 2016. Nonetheless, Information Technology (IT) security and IT Asset Management (ITAM) woes in federal agencies

have been major staples of headlines in recent months, including problems and mishaps at the Internal Revenue Service, the White House, State Department, and the Veteran’s Administration. The number of reported cyber incidents affecting Federal Government agencies has increased nearly a quarter in recent years, with agencies reporting more than 60,000 cyber incidents reported to authorities in Fiscal Year 2013 alone.”

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