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Unemployment in the EU28 regions in 2013

Regional unemployment rates varied widely across the 272 NUTS 2 regions of the EU28 in 2013, with the lowest rates recorded in the regions of Oberbayern in Germany (2.6%), Freiburg in Germany and Salzburg in Austria (both 2.9%), Tübingen in Germany and Tirol in Austria (both 3.0%), while the highest rates were registered in five Spanish  regions: Andalucía (36.3%), Ceuta (35.6%), Melilla (34.4%), Canarias (34.1%) and Extremadura (33.7%). Among the regions, 49 had an unemployment rate of 5.4% or less in 2013, half the average for the EU28 (10.8%). They included twenty-three regions in Germany, eight each in Austria and the United Kingdom, three each in the Czech Republic and Romania, two in Belgium and one each in Italy and the Netherlands. At the other extreme, 27 regions had a rate higher than 21.6%, double that of the EU28: thirteen regions in Spain, ten inGreece, three French Overseas Departments3 and one region in Italy.”

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