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Univ of Texas Libraries Launch Access Tool for Digital Collections

The vast digitized collections of the University of Texas Libraries are now becoming available through a new web portal. A new access point on the Libraries’ website – the Collections portal – allows users to undertake remote research and study utilizing rich resources that have previously only been available in person or through more time-intensive on-demand processes. Students, faculty, researchers and the broader public will have access to collections that have not been directly available in the past, and the project’s infrastructure work will create a framework for a more consistent stream of new digital content in the future. Each item in the portal also contains contextual data so that users may learn underlying information about the material, locate physical counterparts and determine reuse rights for digital files. At launch, the portal highlights two of the Libraries’ most notable collections: the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection and the Alexander Architectural Archives. The portal contains various materials like scanned photographs, manuscripts, books, broadsides, architectural drawings and maps. Further content is constantly being added, including digitized maps from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection and material for scholarly research from the Libraries’ Global Studies Collections. All content in the portal is being indexed by search engines, significantly improving searchability and discoverability…”

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