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US COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking

“This tracker compiles spatial and demographic data on COVID-19 vaccination coverage in the United States. To characterize US county-level COVID-19 vaccination patterns accurately we integrated data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with data provided by state health departments. We collate these disparate data sources to produce a single estimate of cumulative vaccination counts for every county updated twice a week. For more information about our data methodology, see below.  This work was supported by funding from the National Institutes of Health, USA. This project is led by a team of researchers at the Bansal Lab at Georgetown University.  It is critical that we maximize vaccination coverage across the United States so that transmission can be suppressed, and we can sustain the recent reopening of the nation. Maximizing vaccination requires that we track vaccination patterns to measure progress and target locations that may be undervaccinated. Explore the map below to understand the distribution of COVID-19 vaccination coverage across US counties, and learn more about our data & analysis at the tabs above…”

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