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US job seekers scrub their social media accounts to get success

ZDNet – “Many of us behave differently on social media and at work. But what are Americans hiding from their employers, and how far will they go to protect their professional reputations by securing their social media sites? Pittsburgh, PA-based screening company JDP surveyed 2007 Americans about their social media habits and how job hunting affects these habits. Over four in five (84%) believe that social media activity regularly impacts hiring decisions, and 82% have set up some degree of privacy on their social media profiles. One in four have every social platform set to private, and one in five admit to posting material that could jeopardize a current, or future opportunity. Over two in five (43%) have used privacy settings to avoid employers or co-workers, and 40% have created an alias account. Almost half (46%) have used a search engine to see what can be found online about them, and have modified their social media settings based on the information that they found. The most incriminating material was found on Facebook…”

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