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US state-by-state AI legislation snapshot

“BCLP actively tracks the proposed, failed and enacted AI regulatory bills from across the United States to help our clients stay informed in this rapidly-changing regulatory landscape. The interactive map is current as of February 12, 2024, and will be updated quarterly to include legislation that if passed would directly impact a businesses’ development or deployment of AI solutions. Artificial Intelligence (AI), once limited to the pages of science fiction novels, has now been adopted by more than 1/3 of businesses in the United States, and even more organizations are working to embed AI into current applications and processes. As companies increasingly integrate AI in their products, services, processes, and decision-making, they need to do so in ways that comply with the different state laws that have been passed and proposed to regulate the use of AI. Select a state for more information.”

See also – The 2023-4 State Legislators Dataset includes biographical information about state lawmakers who held office in 2023 and 2024 compiled from legislative and campaign websites and other online sources. The project’s principal aim was to record the current or most recent main occupation (outside of elected office) held by each member, but the dataset also includes information about a wide range of characteristics including race, gender, and education.

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