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Using an Infographic to Encourage Deep Reading

RIPS Law Librarian Blog, Cindy Guyer: “…Lately, I’ve been experimenting with infographics. Presenting information and knowledge visually, such as through graphs, flowcharts, timelines, and diagrams, is a gold standard of instructional design. For example, I used Microsoft Visio to create a flowchart for determining whether a California unpublished state case could be cited. There are plenty of other options to create infographics, such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Visme, Adobe Illustrator, Picktochart, Slidesgo, and Canva. Early this year, I thought an infographic of the case selection factors could help students better understand the myriad of ways a case can be useful, assist with critically evaluating cases, and promote deep reading. Knowing there are many creative law librarians out there, I reached out and asked if anyone had created some kind of visual representation of the reasons to select and use cases. I was grateful to hear from a couple colleagues. But no one had an infographic with the depth and detail of what I wanted. So I got to work…”

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