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USPS Is Asking for These Changes to Your Mailbox, Starting Sunday

Best Life: “Your mailbox is what keeps you connected to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). It’s where your carrier drops off your mail, and picks up any outgoing letters—allowing you to avoid a trip to the post office. But the USPS is serious about mail security, so it won’t deliver your mail unless certain conditions are met. The agency actually has strict regulations for mailboxes, and you may need to make some modifications to meet current standards. Read on to learn more about the mailbox changes the USPS is asking for, starting Sunday. If you don’t get mail on a given day, it’s generally not cause for alarm—but in some cases, your house was skipped on purpose. As the USPS warns on its website, both blocked or full mailboxes may prevent your mail from getting delivered. This can also happen if your mailbox is damaged or broken. Property owners are responsible for their personal mailboxes—which means they must maintain them and make any repairs when necessary, according to the agency. Not doing so could prevent you from getting your regular deliveries. If you don’t correct issues, you “risk having your mail service suspended until the problems are resolved,” the Postal Service says…”

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