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Visualizing Countries’ Climate Risks

Center for Data Innovation: “Datawrapper, a data visualization creation company based in Germany, has created a visualization comparing countries’ risks from climate change. The visualization contains a horizontal axis representing countries’ vulnerability and a vertical axis representing countries’ readiness. It places each country into a quadrant and displays a correlating color for that quadrant. The size of each country’s box represents its carbon dioxide emissions per capita, with larger boxes representing higher emissions. According to the visualization, most of the countries facing the worst risks from climate change are the least responsible for carbon emissions.”

Data Wrapper – David Wendler: ” In the climate crisis, vulnerable countries bear the least responsibility – Climate change is happening and affects all of us. It is really scary and we’re already starting to see its consequences everywhere. But not every country is truly facing an equal risk from climate change. Not every region will see the same changes in local weather, or be affected by rising sea levels to the same degree. And not every country has the same capability to prepare and protect itself from the dangers it will face. A third very important difference to consider is climate responsibility. Not every country contributes the same amount to climate change: Sudan, for example, only emits 0.48 tons of CO2 per capita, while Germany emits 7.91.untries face the least risk from climate change…”

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