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The Macrocosm Consortium: “This group is part of an experiment in building digital projects with specific focus on civilizational scale. We’re made up of a group of young people who enjoy tinkering on projects with high potential and immediate impact. It’s easier than it’s ever been to build incredible things. The insane productivity that’s being unlocked by AI is only going to accelerate, and with it, the need for agentic people willing to quickly take this technology and build products that solve issues that people didn’t think were possible to solve. We’re incredibly excited about our capacity to build and shape the future and deeply optimistic about the future.. To start, we’re working on building plugins for ChatGPT and other informational tools, while we work on building our core product: an LLM-based personal research assistant that helps you learn, teach, and publish. We’re also working on some projects related to embedding search across large datasets that struggle from informational constraints, complex keyword generation, or specifically fit for nearest-neighbor vector search. We’re currently experimenting with the Arxiv and other databases that, if amplified correctly, could massively aid the research process, while also working on new search engines for USPTO patent databases, financial filings, and historical news datasets…”

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