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Webinar: The Evolving Scholarly Record: Scope, Stakeholders and Stewardship

“The scholarly record is increasingly digital and networked, while at the same time expanding in both the volume and diversity of the material it contains. The long-term future of the scholarly record cannot be effectively secured with traditional stewardship models developed for print materials. View this webinar recording (coming soon!) to learn more about the evolution of the scholarly record, future stewardship models for scholarly material, and the key implications for academic libraries. In the webinar, Research Scientists Brian Lavoie and Constance Malpas provided an overview of OCLC Research’s recent work on the evolving scholarly record. They discussed highlights from the reports The Evolving Scholarly Record and Stewardship of the Evolving Scholarly Record: From the Invisible Hand to Conscious Coordination, with special emphasis on the ways the scholarly record is changing in a digital, networked environment; how “consciously coordinated” stewardship models can support the long-term availability of an increasingly diverse, complex, and distributed scholarly record; and the important issues academic libraries will face in pursuing their traditional mission of securing the scholarly record in its fullest expression for future generations.”

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