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Website Blocking Controversy Over Free Annual Credit Reports

Additional information about the ongoing issue of consumer access to free online annual credit reports, about which I posted information yesterday and on November 30. Today, EPIC documented complaints about provider website blocking issues in a letter to the FTC, Re: Free Annual Credit Report Site is Blocking Web Links.

  • “We write to urge you to take immediate action to fix an anti-consumer, baseless practice implemented by the credit reporting agencies. Congress required the national credit reporting agencies to operate a free, central source for obtaining credit reports. They have done so, but in creating the site,, the credit reporting agencies have blocked web links from reputable consumer sites such as Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and Consumers Union, and from mainstream news web sites.
  • Reference: See specifically Section 610.2(g), located on page 20 of this 36 page PDF document, the Free Credit Report Rule, 69 FR 35468 (6/24/04).
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