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Website on New Words and Phrases

Check out Word Spy, a resource that provides definitions of new words and phrases, as well as ones already in use that have taken on new meanings. What makes the site especially interesting is that it includes ‘example citations’ for each entry that illustrate the use of the word or phrase in context (with a paragraph or more of an article), using references from major national and international news and journal sources.
This site apparently caught the attention of Google, whose trademark counsel sent the owner this correspondence on February 24. It states in part, “We ask that you help us to protect our brand by deleting the definition of “google” found at or revising it to take into account the trademark status of Google.” Word Spy had used the word in question as a verb, as is now quite common in both conversation and online references. Perhaps this previous posting on Google is worth another look, as well as this article from PC Magazine, Is Google Invading Your Privacy? See also Protecting Google Brand “Tricky Business.”

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