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Website Posting on Patriot Act Case is Redacted

From the ACLU press release, Judge Revises Sealing Order in Controversial Patriot Act Challenge, May 12: “A federal judge today revised a strict sealing order in a challenge to the Patriot Act’s expanded “National Security Letter” power filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the New York Civil Liberties Union. The government had relied on the strict seal in the case to demand that the ACLU and NYCLU remove two paragraphs from a press release on their websites. One of those paragraphs has now been reposted to the ACLU website; it describes the briefing schedule in the case.”

  • The ACLU has compiled links to legal documents, press releases and associated publications on its Challenge to National Security Letter Authority here.
  • See also this New York Times article, Judge Allows Peek Into Challenge to Antiterrorism Law.
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