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We’re botching the vaccine rollout. Here’s how to get it back on track

Fast Company – “…To fix the problem, several things need to change. The Biden administration can help by giving clear guidance to states about how many vaccines they’re getting and how long they can be stored, providing training materials for staff, and setting targets for vaccinating a certain number of people by a certain date, says the University of Washington’s Baseman. Others have also argued that the federal government should have given better guidance to states from the beginning. “That comprehensive vaccination plans have not been developed at the federal level and sent to the states as models is as incomprehensible as it is inexcusable,” Utah Senator Mitt Romney said recently. The federal government can also help recruit staff or a volunteer corps to administer vaccines so that states and counties don’t have to spend weeks finding new employees as programs scale up. It can offer communication tools to help fight misinformation about vaccines; states and cities will need to mobilize far more to make sure that everyone who can be vaccinated is choosing to get the vaccine. The new round of funding will be critical, but the administration will also need to push Congress for more…”

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