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We’ve Got Google. So why can’t we find the research that we need?

YouTube video of May 23, 2023 presentation and alternate link: “Content democratization has led to an explosion in research content: hundreds of thousands of high-quality reports, working papers, briefs, and data sets vital to the global research community. But – yes, there is a “but” – this research is tedious and time-consuming to find, buried in search results, and often subject to link rot. In this highly-interactive conversation, our expert panel discusses the publishing lifecycle of policy research – both formal publications and grey literature – as well as efforts to root out, select, and preserve democratized content. Participants will walk away with new insights as well as practical tips to make their research more efficient, inclusive, unique, and impactful.

  • Panelists: Duncan Wambogo Omole, PMP Wambogo Omole, Head of Research, Knowledge & Information Services WorldBank Group; Kris Kasianovitz, Library Director of UC-Berkeley IGS Library; Gary Price, Co-Founder and Editor, Library Journal’s infoDOCKET; Toby Green, Former publisher of the OECDiLibrary, and co-founder of Coherent Digital.

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