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What Americans Think Five Years After the Crash

Five Years After the Crash: What Americans Think about Wall Street, Banks, Business, and Free Enterprise “examines public opinion in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 crash and in the years since. How have attitudes changed toward America’s financial system? By comparing hundreds of survey questions from major pollsters, we provide an informative account of how Americans felt about business five years ago and how they feel now. Much of the blame for the crisis was directed at large financial institutions, typically lumped in the public mind as “Wall Street.” How deep-seated is public frustration? Did the anger toward Wall Street spread to other sectors of the business world? Has confidence been restored? This ebook surveys a variety of polling data to answer those questions. Other major topics include confidence in banks, preferences on government regulation of business, and the health of the free enterprise system. Every poll cited in the text is included in the appendix.”

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