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International Criminal Court Legal Tools Database

International Criminal Court (ICC): “The Legal Tools are the leading information services on international criminal law. They equip users with legal information, digests and an application to work more effectively with core international crimes cases (involving war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide or aggression). By being freely available in the public commons, the Tools democratize access to international criminal law information, thus empowering practitioners and levelling preconditions for criminal justice in both richer and materially less resourceful countries. The Legal Tools are a significant contribution to national capacity development in criminal justice for core international crimes. The Tools comprise the online “Legal Tools Database”, together with legal research and reference tools developed by lawyers with expertise in international criminal law and justice: the Case Matrix, the Elements Digest, the Proceedings Digest and the Means of Proof Digest. Text in these tools or in the Legal Tools Database does not necessarily represent views of the ICC, any of its Organs or any participant in proceedings before the ICC or any of the ICC States Parties. The Legal Tools Database is made freely available through this web site. Additionally, criminal jurisdictions, counsel and NGOs that work on core international crimes cases may seek to have access to the Case Matrix – which encompasses the Elements Digest, the Means of Proof Digest and key documents from the Legal Tools Database – by sending an e-mail message with a short statement on the nature of the need to [email protected]. The Co-ordinator of the Legal Tools Project uses the web site of the independent organization Case Matrix Network (CMN) to administer some aspects of the Legal Tools Project, without cost to the ICC.”

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