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What is Libraries Transform?

American Library Association“Why should my library get involved?

Libraries Transform ensures that there is one clear, energetic voice for our profession, showcasing the transformative nature of today’s libraries and elevating the critical role libraries play in the digital age. That voice becomes amplified as more and more libraries of all types sign onto the campaign. At the national level, ALA and its divisions are working to send the Libraries Transform message through national media, national stakeholders and decision-makers.

Libraries Transform provides a fresh opportunity to position your library as vital to the people it serves and the community at large. It reminds your community, school or campus that the library is an indispensable resource that transforms people’s lives and the community itself, while advertising that the library and the people who work inside it are continually transforming to keep up with—and keep ahead of—the evolving needs.

Libraries Transform is a conversation starter. Intriguing Because statements beg questions—and you and your library colleagues are best suited to have the conversation about how these ideas connect to transformation in your library. Libraries Transform can provide you with an opportunity to strengthen relationships with members of the community and colleagues, build relationships with influentials in your library environment, and partner with local organizations.

Libraries Transform can help you tell your library’s story. What does “transformation” mean in your library? Perhaps it’s the maker spaces and digital labs that say transform to you. Maybe it’s a basic service as teaching a child—or an adult—to read. Libraries Transform allows you to capture your library’s story using attention–getting “Because” statements that remind the public of the ever-increasing value of libraries in a changing world.

Libraries Transform serves as a platform for your advocacy efforts, allowing your library to localize the campaign to fit your advocacy priorities, while growing the collective impact of a national campaign. Building on a legacy of great advocacy initiatives, ALA offers tools and resources for you to initiate your campaign, refine your messaging, work with the media and more.”

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