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What Is the Price of College? Total, Net, and Out-of-Pocket Prices in 2007-08

What Is the Price of College? Total, Net, and Out-of-Pocket Prices in 2007–08, Christina Chang Wei, MPR Associates, Inc. and Tracy Hunt-White, National Center for Education Statistics

  • “Included in this report are the average prices paid by undergraduates attending one of the four major types of institutions: public 2-year, public 4-year, private nonprofit 4-year, and for-profit institutions at all levels. Most of the figures in this Brief display data only for full-time undergraduates7 who at-tended one institution. These students constituted about one-third (35 per-cent) of all undergraduates in 2007–08.8 Of all full-time undergraduates, 18 percent were enrolled in public 2-year institutions, 43 percent attended public 4-year institutions, 21 percent were at private nonprofit 4-year institutions, and 8 percent were enrolled in for-profit institutions, which is a different distribution than among all undergraduates. Focusing on full-time students who attended only one institution10 allows for comparisons in tuition, price of attendance, and financial aid across institution types, since students at different institutions enroll full time at different rates. Those attending full time generally have higher overall expenses than do all students, regard-less of attendance status. They also qualify for federal aid and other assistance not available to many part-time students, and hence larger pro-portions of full-time students receive financial aid when compared with all undergraduates.”
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