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What’s my place in the world population? How long will I live? aims to make demography – the study of human populations – accessible to a wider audience. We believe that demographic data can play an important role in understanding the social and economic developments of our time. Our hope is that people from all walks of life, in all ages and across all countries will explore a new perspective of their own life and find their own place in the world of today and tomorrow. Credits has been developed by Wolfgang Fengler (wfengler AT worldbank DOT org, @wolfgangfengler), together with K.C. Samir (@kcsamir) and Benedikt Groß (@bndktgrs). The project is a volunteer effort which has been supported by the World Bank Data Group and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). The team also appreciates the partnership with the United Nations Population Division, which is providing the estimates and projections, on which our model is based on (see methodology)…”

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