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When should I get a Covid-19 test? Here’s a simple guide.

Vox – “Vaccinated and confused about whether to get tested? We asked four experts for help…the immune protection from vaccines wanes over time, and the rise of variants like omicron stand to erode that shielding further. This leaves even vaccinated people at risk of contracting the virus, sometimes without any symptoms, and potentially spreading it to others. Most of these breakthrough infections have been mild, but some vaccinated people have fallen ill and even died from Covid-19. Testing guidelines can be confusing, and they have changed over time, particularly for people who are vaccinated. So Vox asked four health experts for their hopes and recommendations about testing right now. They all agreed that as the omicron variant shows up in more countries and US states, testing remains critical for finding Covid-19 cases. Not only can a positive test tell you when to isolate from others, it can help you warn others who may have been exposed, and it can even help scientists catch the next coronavirus variant…”

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