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When To Expect Election Results In Every State

FiveThirtyEight – A complete guide to poll closing times, vote counting and races to watch on election night 2020: “There’s a good chance we won’t know who won the presidential election on election night. More people than ever are voting by mail this year due to the pandemic, and mail ballots take longer to count than ballots cast at polling places. But because each state has its own rules for how votes are counted and reported, some will report results sooner than others. Those disparate rules may also make initial returns misleading: The margins in some states may shift toward Democrats as mail ballots (which are overwhelmingly cast by Democrats) are counted, while states that release mail ballots first may experience a shift toward Republicans as Election Day votes are tallied. Here’s a general picture of how much of the vote we expect to be counted on election night in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. If you click on a given state, it’ll take you to a more detailed description of when to expect results and whether to expect a red or blue shift in the vote count…”
  • See also CNNMail-in ballots: When every state starts counting. “Voters are casting ballots early in record numbers this year amid the pandemic — and that’s prompting concerns that it might wind up taking longer than expected to get election results, as officials process millions more mail-in ballots than usual. The reality is that most states can begin processing absentee ballots in some form before Election Day, which could help avoid delays in reporting results. But in three critical battleground states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan — officials aren’t allowed to start processing early ballots until on or just before Election Day itself, which could delay not just their state results but also, if the Electoral College count is close, potentially leave the whole presidential race up in the air. Counting votes will also take longer than usual because many states will allow extra time for ballots to arrive after Election Day — as long as they’re postmarked on or before November 3.”  Check out the 2020 Election Center for live results and exit polls
  • See also The New York Times – Record-Setting Turnout: Tracking Early Voting in the 2020 Election

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