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Where is ChatGPT taking us?

JHU Hub: “And do we want to follow? Johns Hopkins computer scientist Daniel Khashabi discusses the pros and cons of the revolutionary natural-language processing tool—and predicts where it may head in the future..To those working in artificial intelligence, ChatGPT is not merely an overnight sensation, but a mark of achievement after years of experimentation, says Johns Hopkins assistant computer science professor Daniel Khashabi, who specializes in language processing and has worked on similar tools. “ChatGPT may seem like a sudden revolution that came out of nowhere,” he says. “But this technology has been developing gradually over many years, with swift progress in the last few.” However, Khashabi acknowledges the unprecedented era that ChatGPT seems to initiate, one brimming with potential for human advancement. “This is really our chance to revise our understanding of what it means to be intelligent,” he says. “It’s an exciting time because we have this chance to work on new challenges and new horizons that used to feel out of our reach.” As Microsoft invests in the tool, OpenAI releases a paid version, and Google plans to release its own experimental chatbot, the Hub checked in with Khashabi for insight on the technology and where it’s headed…”

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