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Which vaccines mandates are legal? All of them

Quartz: “To be clear, the White House says it is not considering a blanket mandate that would apply to all Americans. (Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, has also said “There will be no federal mandate.”) Indeed, what some people are calling a vaccine mandate for federal employees (announced by US president Joe Biden at the end of July) is technically not a mandate at all: Federal government workers who say no to the vaccine and yes to masks and regular testing can continue to go to work. But if the federal government did choose to make inoculation mandatory for all citizens, legal experts say it would have the legal standing to do so. Such a regulation would still allow people to opt-out for religious or medical reasons, such as an allergy to one of the vaccine ingredients…”

AP: Vaccination form for federal workers adds penalties for lies – “The Biden administration [on August 6, 2021] unveiled the attestation form that employees will need to fill out confirming whether they have been fully vaccinated against the virus, adding legal teeth to the president’s mandate. Federal employees won’t be following the honor system but will instead be required to acknowledge that making a “knowing and willful false statement on this form can be punished by fine or imprisonment or both.”

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