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White House Scales Back CyberSpace Plan

According to this AP report, via, there is a new draft of the White House National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (first draft from September 18, 2002 is here) circulating among a group of government officials and “industry executives,” and of course AP has a copy too. Apparently, it was ‘leaked’ by the administration to gauge responses to significant changes from the first draft. These include reducing to 49 from 86 the number of security proposals addressed, as well as increasing the role of the Homeland Security Department in the overall cyberspace effort. Also, specific references to addressing the public’s concerns about privacy issues as they relate to increased 9/11 cyber-surveillance, have been eliminated. Guess this means no more privacy czar. It would appear that the major parameters of the final report, due out by the end of the month, have already been determined.
Also see this National Journal commentary on the new draft.

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