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The Inflation Reduction Act’s tax credits are confusing, so the White House launched a website to help

The Verge: “The Biden administration launched a new website — — aimed at helping Americans navigate the new green energy tax credits contained in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA). That could especially be useful for people looking to buy a new electric vehicle but finding themselves confused by the litany of new requirements about assembly and battery materials. The $739 billion measure carries a host of tax credits and discounts on everything from EVs to solar energy to regular appliances like refrigerators, stoves, and washing machines. The new website is designed to help Americans save money on home upgrades or new purchases while also steering them toward cleaner, more efficient products. The website serves as a hub for basic questions about the clean energy tax credits, redirecting visitors to other government sites that contain more detailed information about solar roof installation, heat pumps, and other repairs they could make to make their home more energy efficient…”

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