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Why we should build for wildlife as well as people

BBC Future – “From green roofs to bee bricks and hedgehog drawers, there are plenty of ways to make sterile buildings more accommodating to nature….Part of the problem is that human civilisation, so dependent on built infrastructure, has colonised swathes of land once home to wildlife. While just 1% of the planet’s habitable land is towns, cities and urban infrastructure, the UN expects the square footage of all the buildings in the world to double by 2060. Some of that floor area will go into multi-storey buildings but some will be provided by ever-expanding urban sprawl, which will leave even less space for wildlife. Our buildings need not present an unmitigated threat to nature – they could instead accommodate plants and animals. The surface area, particularly of large, inner-city buildings, is significant. What if wildlife could live there, on our roofs and in our walls? It might go some way to redressing the balance…”

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