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Wikimedia is adding features to make editing Wikipedia more fun

The Verge: “Wikipedia is one of the sturdiest survivors of the old web, as well as one of the most clearly human-powered ones, thanks to a multitude of editors making changes across the globe. But after celebrating the site’s 20th birthday last year, the Wikimedia Foundation is turning to new — and more heavily automated — tools in search of its next wave of contributors. It’s adding features designed to ease users into making their own edits, including suggestions for easy first steps like cross-linking different articles. It’s doing so while trying not to weaken the bonds of its individual communities — and, the Wikimedia team hopes, possibly even making them stronger. Wikimedia has been testing extra features for newcomers since 2019, and it’s now officially announcing them on a platform-wide level. Users who log into Wikipedia accounts will see a landing page for new editors. They’ll be assigned a mentor from a pool of more experienced site veterans who can answer questions. And via the landing page, they’ll be urged to start making small edits, sometimes suggested by a Wikimedia-trained machine learning system…”

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