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Wildlife warning: More than 330 species contaminated with ‘forever chemicals’

Environmental Working Group (EWG): “Polar bears have a PFAS problem: Pollution from the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS contaminates polar bears, tigers, monkeys, pandas, dolphins and fish and has been documented in more than 330 other species of wildlife around the world, some endangered or threatened. And hundreds of studies have found PFAS chemicals in a wide variety of other wildlife species globally, including many types of fish, birds, reptiles, frogs and other amphibians, large mammals, like horses, and small mammals, such as cats, otters and squirrels. Now EWG has created a map that for the first time consolidates more than 100 recent studies of PFAS contamination, revealing where species have been tested and detectable amounts of forever chemicals – which could harm exposed wildlife – have been documented…”

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