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Wiley Online Library – New Free Open Source Journal on Global Challenges

Global Challenges: An innovative journal for tackling humanity’s major challenges: “Climate change, energy poverty and security, health security and disease, food and nutrition security, and ensuring safe access to water and sanitation are some of humanity’s major challenges. They can lead to poverty and inequality within a world population projected to grow to 9 billion by 2050 and can have a powerful negative impact on economic and social development and on the natural environment. These challenges are also, and increasingly becoming, underlying reasons for injustice, conflicts and war. Addressing such challenges in a sustainable manner requires strategic research investments, international collaboration, collective resources, and knowledge exchange between diverse communities. There is increasing awareness that solving such problems requires an interdisciplinary approach: the natural sciences and technology cannot solve these issues alone and must integrate with the social sciences and humanities to identify viable solutions and to ensure that knowledge is informing policy and practice. How communities prioritize research objectives and communicate with one another may determine how effectively humanity can tackle these major global challenges. Our firm belief is that research policy and funding should be heavily influenced towards the global challenges with more interdisciplinary research, multi-sectorial approaches, cross-border collaboration, and a clear focus on relevance for national and global policy making leading to the widespread adoption of best practice. In response, we are excited to announce the launch of Global Challenges, Wiley’s new premium interdisciplinary open access journal. Global Challenges will publish high-quality research papers, reviews, editorials, and commentaries spanning research and practice related to these global challenges. The aim is to mobilize debate and leadership regarding these challenges and to create a platform for directing and setting the research, policy, and practice agendas. In doing so, we provide a new centre for an emergent community of cross-disciplinary collaborative stakeholders…”

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