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Women scientists are missing on Wikipedia

And one British physicist set out to solve the problem – “Wikipedia has a woman problem. The problem becomes acute when it comes to women scientists. While Wikipedia is the fifth-most visited website in the English-speaking world, with 26 billion views every month, only 18.37% of its biographies are about women.  This percentage shrinks even further when it comes to STEM. Fewer than 15% of Wikipedia biographies about women scientists engineers and mathematicians.  In 2018, the perception gap came sharply into focus when a Canadian professor of physics, Donna Strickland, jointly won the Nobel Prize for Physics. Anyone searching her name on Wikipedia would have come up empty-handed, because, unlike her male co-winner, Gérard Mourou, she had no Wikipedia page. This was typical. So typical that a young British physicist, Dr Jess Wade, decided to do something about all these missing women. Working at night, and despite having a full-time job at the Blackett Laboratory at Imperial College London, she has written more than 1,000 Wikipedia biographies of scientists and engineers who she felt had been marginalised. Most are women…”

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