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The World in 2025 – 10 Predictions of Innovation

“This paper is a compilation of 10 innovation predictions for the world in 2025, based on research done by Thomson Reuters analysts using the company’s patent and scientific literature solutions. In some cases, the analysts found a growing body of work that gave additional credence to the prediction. In others, the topic was still emerging. In all instances, they followed a trail of current research and innovation activity to connect the dots and make these innovation predictions…Analysts scoured the vast array of information to identify the themes of emerging importance from 2012 and 2013 using citation rankings, most cited papers, hot topics and research fronts, beginning in InCites. The top 10 fields of research based on emerging research front data were:
• Clinical medicine (2355)
• Chemistry (1533)
• Physics (1154)
• Engineering (1059)
• Social Sciences, general (934)
• Biology & Biochemistry (933)
• Materials Sciences (823)
• Plant & Animal Sciences (702)
• Molecular Biology & Genetics (566)
• Environment & Ecology (554)”

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