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World Economic Outlook Tensions from Two-Speed Recovery – Unemployment, Commodities, and Capital Flows

International Monetary Fund – World Economic Outlook (WEO) – Tensions from the Two-Speed Recovery: Unemployment, Commodities, and Capital Flows, April 2011

  • “The world economic recovery continues, more or less as predicted. Indeed, our growth forecasts are nearly unchanged since the January 2011 WEO Update and can be summarized in three numbers: We expect the world economy to grow at about 4½ percent a year in both 2011 and 2012, but with advanced economies growing at only 2½ percent while emerging and developing economies grow at a much higher 6½ percent. Earlier fears of a double-dip recession—which we did not share—have not materialized. The main worry was that in advanced economies, after an initial recovery driven by the inventory cycle and fiscal stimulus, growth would fizzle. The inventory cycle is now largely over and fiscal stimulus has turned to fiscal consolidation, but private demand has, for the most part, taken the baton.”
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