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New bill would try to make tools like Zoom and Teams work together securely

The Verge: “A new proposal from Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) would require videoconferencing and messaging tools used by the federal government to be able to communicate with each other, even if made by different companies. It would also enforce high security standards for government collaboration tools, including end-to-end encryption. The Secure and Interoperable Government Collaboration Technology Act…would make it so that a government user on Teams, for example, would be able to talk to a colleague at a different agency using Zoom. While the bill would only implement the requirement for tools used by the government, if passed, it could push the industry toward greater interoperability across their user bases…The bill underscores concerns in the government of serious security risks that could arise through technology vendors. It comes shortly after the DHS released a blistering report that found Microsoft could have prevented a Chinese hack of US government emails. It blamed a “cascade of security failures” at Microsoft for the incident…”

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