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You Can Virtually Visit 31 National Parks This Week With Google Earth

Adventure Journal: “In honor of National Parks Week, which runs through April 28, Google Earth has launched a stunning virtual tour of 31 parks. Obviously, you’d rather be in those parks, but if you can’t, this is a pretty novel use of eye-opening technology to bring you there. The tours are part of Google Earth’s “Voyager” project, and in addition to a sort of fly-through overview of the parks, there are guided virtual tour videos of some favorite places of the national park’s rangers. The program is easily navigable; just click on the park you’d like to visit and the software plops you right down on the trail. Well, your computer, anyway, not physically you. The ranger tours are in videos in which you click and drag for 360-degree views of the cave or rock formation they’re showing off. A cool diversion from your workday.”

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