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You Should Make Your Apple ID Recoverable Right Now

How to Geek: “Your Apple ID is an account that’s worth guarding at all costs. Here are some simple steps you can take to secure it and make sure you can quickly recover it if the worst happens. Why You Should Do This – Let’s suppose for a moment that you lose access to your Apple ID. This could be as part of a deliberate attack or due to you not having access to your password or a trusted device. Remember that two-factor authentication requires that you not only know your password but also provide a code to log in. Suddenly, you lose access to any data you depend on in iCloud. This includes your iCloud Photos, Notes, Reminders, and iCloud Drive contents. You can’t make FaceTime calls or partake in iMessage conversations if you’re unable to log in. If you use an iCloud email account then your email is also out of action. Apple has a process called Account Recovery that is designed for use by anyone who has set up two-factor authentication. The process requires a waiting period of around 72 hours and even requires that you avoid using devices connected to your Apple ID while you wait. Though there are methods that Apple can use to speed up the process (like verifying payment information), this is less than ideal particularly if you use your account for work purposes. Setting up a recovery contact or generating a recovery key offers a way to expedite or bypass this process entirely. This is enough to get you back up and running quickly if something goes wrong with your account…”

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