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Your guide to following the election on social media

Washington Post – From misinformation to fast-changing maps, here’s how to understand election results and navigate social media. “The experts agree: The best way to accurately track election results, and avoid falling for misinformation between now and Election Day, is to avoid too much social media. Stick with a handful of reputable news sources and check their sites, apps or print versions directly. Or heck, turn off your smartphone and immerse yourself in a book or craft project until after Election Day. Unfortunately, the pull of instant analysis and speculation, lively conversation and experiencing history together as a community is too much for many of us, especially when so much is at stake. The second-best way to follow the election results is to follow these tips and know what every social media site is doing to try to manage the problem. We spoke to misinformation experts and asked the companies about their latest plans to help you follow along…”

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