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Gallup – Millennial Employees: Flight Risk for Companies

J. Brandon Rigoni and Bailey Nelson, Gallup: “Six in 10 millennials say they’re open to different job opportunities, and only 50% plan to be with their company one year from now. For most companies, millennials are a “flight risk.” Given this, organizations need to recognize how millennials search for and select employers — and then develop and promote their brands accordingly to attract them. Of chief importance in understanding millennial job seekers is their behavior as consumers of workplaces. That is, millennials do a lot of homework on prospective employers, gathering information to form opinions on an organization’s brand and what it would be like to work there. Millennials want to be deeply interested in their work, receive opportunities for advancement and work with managers who develop them. They also possess the hyperconnectedness through a continuous flow of digital information to hunt down the companies that provide the job attributes they want…”

Louisiana elementary school educator seeks help to rebuild library after flooding

Via Trey Veazey’s blog posting requesting help [he is a Full-time librarian & literacy specialist at Glen Oaks Park Elementary School – Baton Rouge, Louisiana): “Access to books is the key to educational success. Our library doesn’t have books. Our classrooms don’t have books. Many of the homes of our students don’t have books. Like the tears… Continue Reading

Pew – Opinions on Gun Policy and the 2016 Campaign

“For the past several years, large majorities of both Democrats and Republicans have favored making private gun sales and sales at gun shows subject to background checks. [August 26, 2016] this proposal draws support from 90% of registered voters who back Hillary Clinton and 75% of voters who back Donald Trump. The latest national survey… Continue Reading

CRS – Heroin Trafficking in the United States

Via FAS – Heroin Trafficking in the United States. Kristin Finklea, Specialist in Domestic Security. August 23, 2016. “Over the past several years, the nation has seen an uptick in the use and abuse of opioids—both prescription substances and non- prescription substances such as heroin. The estimated number of individuals who had used heroin was… Continue Reading

CRS – Reforming the U.S. Postal Service

Via FAS – Reforming the U.S. Postal Service: Background and Issues for Congress. Michelle D. Christensen, Coordinator, Analyst in Government Organization and Management; Kathryn A. Francis, Analyst in Government Organization and Management; Garrett Hatch, Specialist in American National Government. August 25, 2016. “This report provides background information on the responsibilities, financial challenges and workforce issues… Continue Reading

CRS – DOD Security Cooperation: An Overview of Authorities and Issues

Via FAS – DOD Security Cooperation: An Overview of Authorities and Issues. Bolko J. Skorupski, Research Assistant; Nina M. Serafino, Specialist in International Security Affairs. August 23, 2016. “Over the past decade, the increasing scope, pace, and cost of Department of Defense (DOD) security cooperation missions have raised many questions about appropriate DOD and State… Continue Reading

Largest protected federal land area designated in Hawaii

Washington Post, Juliet Eilperin: “President Obama will create the largest protected area on the planet by expanding a national marine monument off the coast of his native Hawaii to encompass 582,578 square miles of land and sea. Obama has now used his executive authority under the 1906 Antiquities Act to protect more than 548 million acres… Continue Reading

GAO Reports – Army Patriot Modernization, SEC Conflict Minerals Rule

Patriot Modernization: Oversight Mechanism Needed to Track Progress and Provide Accountability, GAO-16-488: Published: Aug 25, 2016. Publicly Released: Aug 25, 2016: “While the currently fielded version of the Army’s Patriot surface-to-air missile system is an improvement over prior versions, the Army currently plans to spend about $2.9 billion between fiscal years 2013 and 2021 on… Continue Reading

NISO Launches New Project to Create a Flexible API Framework for E-Content in Libraries

“Voting Members of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) have approved a new project to modernize library-vendor technical interoperability to improve the access of digital library content and electronic books. Building upon a set of API (Application Programming Interface) Requirements developed by Queens Library, a new NISO Working Group will create a foundational API set… Continue Reading

Improving access to government services through a shared authentication platform

“18F, which is part of the General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Service, is building an authentication platform to make online interactions with the U.S. government simple, efficient and intuitive. This platform will be a service shared by agencies to streamline logging in and to allow the public to securely access personal information and federal government… Continue Reading

Success and Failure in Stock Exchange Consolidations: Implications for Markets and Their Regulation

Jordan, Cally, Success and Failure in Stock Exchange Consolidations: Implications for Markets and Their Regulation (January 24, 2016). CIFR Paper No. 118/2016. Available for download at SSRN: “The catalyst for the preparation of this working paper was the epochal merger in 2007 of the New York Stock Exchange with Paris-based Euronext, itself a consolidation… Continue Reading