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Hearing Before the Senate On Protecting America from Cyber Attacks: The Importance of Information Sharing

CDT – “Greg Nojeim’s testimony for the January 28th hearing before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee on Protecting America from Cyber Attacks. He will explain how Congress can embrace cybersecurity information sharing policies with appropriate authorities and safeguards that enhance both privacy and security, first describing the cybersecurity threat then identifying different approaches to encouraging information sharing as well as the essential civil liberties attributes of a successful information sharing policy.”

Never trust a corporation to do a library’s job

Andy Baio, The Medium:  “Two months ago, Larry Page said the company’s outgrown its 14-year-old mission statement. Its ambitions have grown, and its priorities have shifted. Google in 2015 is focused on the present and future. Its social and mobile efforts, experiments with robotics and artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles and fiberoptics. As it turns out,Continue Reading

Do We Know Why Earnings Fall with Job Displacement?

By William J. Carrington (CBO) and Bruce C. Fallick (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland). CBO Working Paper: 2015-01. “After being displaced from their jobs, workers experience reduced earnings for many years and are at greater risks of other problems as well. The ills suffered by displaced workers motivated several recent expansions of government programs, includingContinue Reading

Revised Pillar 3 disclosure requirements

“The revisions to the disclosure requirements address shortcomings in Pillar 3 of the Basel framework. The revised disclosure requirements will enable market participants to better compare banks’ disclosures of risk-weighted assets. They form part of the Committee’s broader agenda to reform regulatory standards for banks in response to the global financial crisis. The revisions notablyContinue Reading

Bank capital shock propagation via syndicated interconnectedness

Bank capital shock propagation via syndicated interconnectedness by Makoto Nirei, Julián Caballero and Vladyslav Sushko, Working Papers No 484 January 2015. “Loan syndication increases bank interconnectedness through co-lending relationships. We study the financial stability implications of such dependency on syndicate partners in the presence of shocks to banks’ capital. Model simulations in a network settingContinue Reading

Residential Vacancies and Homeownership in the Fourth Quarter 2014

“The Housing Vacancies and Homeownership provides current information on the rental and homeowner vacancy rates, and characteristics of units available for occupancy. These data are used extensively by public and private sector organizations to evaluate the need for new housing programs and initiatives. In addition, the rental vacancy rate is a component of the indexContinue Reading

The Legacy of TARP’s Bank Bailout Known as the Capital Purchase Program

“While Treasury is in the process of conducting its final auctions of its TARP stake in community banks to private entities in a desire to end the bank bailout known as the Capital Purchase Program (“CPP”), it is important to examine the lessons learned from the program. CPP was the first TARP program, much hasContinue Reading

The moral footprint of animal products

Agriculture and Human Values Journal of the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society. The moral footprint of animal products – Krzysztof Saja. “Most ethical discussions about diet are focused on the justification of specific kinds of products rather than an individual assessment of the moral footprint of eating products of certain animal species. This way ofContinue Reading

Debt of the Elderly and Near Elderly, 1992–2013

Employee Benefit Research Institute. Debt of the Elderly and Near Elderly, 1992–2013. January 2015, Vol. 36, No. 1 “More older American families have debt: The percentage of American families with heads ages 55 or older that had debt increased from 63.4 percent in 2010 to 65.4 percent in 2013. Furthermore, the percentage of these familiesContinue Reading

Advancing a Multimodal Transportation System by Eliminating Funding Restrictions

“One of the most pervasive, durable, and detrimental myths in transportation policy is that highways pay for themselves, while public transportation does not. In reality, both modes require significant public subsidies, as user fees—such as fuel taxes and farebox revenues—cover only a portion of total costs. States and the federal government supplement these user feesContinue Reading

Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement Jan 28 2015

News release: ” Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in December suggests that economic activity has been expanding at a solid pace.  Labor market conditions have improved further, with strong job gains and a lower unemployment rate.  On balance, a range of labor market indicators suggests that underutilization of labor resources continuesContinue Reading

Open Database Of The Corporate World

“OpenCorporates aims to do a straightforward (though big) thing: have a URL for every company in the world. We’ve grown from 3 territories and a few million companies to over 75 jurisdictions and 55 million companies, and are working with the open data community to add more each week.How can we get hold of theContinue Reading