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If you’ve got an EV, Google Maps is about to become much more valuable

Washington Post [no paywall]: “Google has announced new features in its Maps app designed to help electric car drivers find a charge. The updates include a tool to help drivers find nearby chargers with real-time information about availability and charging speed, the ability to find charging stops on longer road trips and more detailed instructions… Continue Reading

Cops can force suspect to unlock phone with thumbprint, US court rules

Ars Technica: “The US Constitution’s Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination does not prohibit police officers from forcing a suspect to unlock a phone with a thumbprint scan, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday. The ruling does not apply to all cases in which biometrics are used to unlock an electronic device but is a significant… Continue Reading

It’s not just you: Reddit is taking over Google

Business Insider [no paywall]: If you think you’ve been seeing an awful lot more Reddit results lately when you search on Google, you’re not imagining things. The internet is in upheaval, and for website owners the rules of “winning” Google Search have never been murkier. Google’s generative AI search engine is coming from one direction.… Continue Reading

CENDI modernizes

To include updates on federal open science, public access, and scientific integrity efforts  – “CENDI, a volunteer membership organization of U.S. federal scientific and technical information (STI) managers, recently launched an updated version of its flagship STI federated search product, Key updates include a modernized look and feel, and centralized access to federal agency… Continue Reading

Staggering quantities of energy transition metals are winding up in the garbage bin

Grist: “To build all of the solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehiclebatteries, and other technologies necessary to fight climate change, we’re going to need a lot more metals. Mining those metals from the Earth creates damage and pollution that threaten ecosystems and communities. But there’s another potential source of the copper, nickel, aluminum, and rare-earth… Continue Reading

The Flooding Will Come “No Matter What”

ProPublica – The complex, contradictory and heartbreaking process of American climate migration is underway –  “This article is an excerpt from the book “On The Move: The Overheating Earth and the Uprooting of America,” about climate migration in the U.S. For more, see “Another great American migration is now underway, this time forced by… Continue Reading

Follow Podcasts and Music feeds on the Fediverse

Podcast AP: “PodcastAP uses the API, the Mastodon API and a user’s subscription feeds imported via OPML to follow Podcast, Music and other feeds on the Fediverse. The feeds are bridged from the XML feed to the Podcast Index database to the Podcast Index Activity Pub bridge ( When a user logs in using… Continue Reading

Where our food crops come from

‘Explore the geographic origins of our food crops – where they were initially domesticated and evolved over time – and discover how important these “primary regions of diversity” are to our current diets and agricultural production areas.” Read more about the study → The interactive crop map displays the native origins and primary regions of… Continue Reading

OpenAI GPTs: Creating Your Own Custom AI Assistants

Open Culture: “Last fall, OpenAI started letting users create custom versions of ChatGPT–ones that would let people create AI assistants to complete tasks in their personal or professional lives. In the months that followed, some users created AI apps that could generate recipes and meals. Others developed GPTs to create logos for their businesses. You… Continue Reading