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GAO Report – FACE Recognition Technology: FBI Should Better Ensure Privacy and Accuracy

ACE Recognition Technology: FBI Should Better Ensure Privacy and Accuracy, GAO-16-267: Published: May 16, 2016. Publicly Released: Jun 15, 2016. “The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) operates the Next Generation Identification-Interstate Photo System (NGI-IPS)— a face recognition service that allows law enforcement agencies to search a database of over 30 million… Continue Reading

CRS Product – Mass Shootings and Terrorism

Follow up to Lone gunman shooting in Orlando Florida largest in escalating acts of gun violence in America – see this brief CRS report – Mass Shootings and Terrorism, Jennifer E. Lake, Section Research Manager. June 13, 2016. “Sunday, June 12, 2016, approximately 50 people were killed (including the alleged assailant), and 53 more were… Continue Reading

DC primary election guide 2016

Via – “Democrats in D.C. will head to the polls on Tuesday to choose their party’s nominee for president and for several District Council seats.Republicans and the D.C. Statehood Green party will also hold a primary but have no contested races. D.C. Republicans will also choose ward chairs and national committee candidates. Find a… Continue Reading

Lone gunman shooting in Orlando Florida largest in escalating acts of gun violence in America

I posted this on June 12, 2016 and have continued to add updated links and resources – both to keep them in one easily accessible place and to help me focus on the facets of the issues that are now and will continue to impact our country as they relate to the impact of gun… Continue Reading

Humane League – United Egg Producers to eliminate male chick culling by 2020

Via Vox: “In a massive victory for animal rights activists, and for America’s chickens, United Egg Producers, a group that represents 95 percent of all eggs produced in the United States, has announced that it will eliminate culling of male chicks at hatcheries where egg-laying hens are born by 2020. This may sound like a technical… Continue Reading

FindLaw – 9th Circuit: No 2nd Am. Right to Concealed Firearms in Public

Via FindLaw – “The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that citizens do not have a Second Amendment right to carry concealed firearms in public. The California federal court that covers states Arizona, Nevada, Oregon Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii as well found that laws requiring gun owners to show “good cause” for… Continue Reading

The Intercept – Some of the places people died while trying to cross the border

Fatal Migrations · Some of The Places People Died While Trying to Cross The Border – Text by Daniel Alarcón. Data visualization by Josh Begley. Alarcón is the author of At Night We Walk in Circles and executive producer of Radio Ambulante. He teaches at Columbia University’s School of Journalism. Continue Reading

Human Responsibility, Not Legal Personhood, for Nonhuman Animals

Cupp, Richard L., Focusing on Human Responsibility Rather than Legal Personhood for Nonhuman Animals (2016). 33 Pace Envtl. L. Rev. 517 (2016); Pepperdine University Legal Studies Research Paper No. 17. Available for download at SSRN. “This essay supports an emphasis on evolving standards of human responsibility for animals’ welfare and critiques the concept of legal… Continue Reading

Chronicle of Higher Education Title IX tracker

Sara Lipka June 02, 2016 – “Several years into a heated national discussion of campus sexual assault, there’s still not much consensus on what will signal progress. One of the most active fronts is federal enforcement: Under the gender-equity law known as Title IX, the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights is now investigating 192… Continue Reading

A Few Easy Steps Everyone Should Take to Protect Their Digital Privacy

Via ACLU – “Much of the privacy protection we need in today’s world can’t happen without technological and legislative solutions, and the ACLU will continue leading the fight for digital security and privacy through our litigation and advocacy efforts. But there are simple steps that everyone can take to improve their digital privacy. While there… Continue Reading

TSA Is Taking Steps to Improve Expedited Screening Effectiveness, but Improvements in Screener Oversight Are Needed

Aviation Security: TSA Is Taking Steps to Improve Expedited Screening Effectiveness, but Improvements in Screener Oversight Are Needed, GAO-16-707T: Published: Jun 7, 2016. Publicly Released: Jun 7, 2016. “In 2015, TSA screened or oversaw the screening of more than 708 million passengers at more than 450 U.S airports. In carrying out the screening process, TSA… Continue Reading

Joint Center Report: Engaging Communities in Reducing Gun Violence

“April 29, 2016 the Joint Center, the Urban Institute, and the Joyce Foundation released our report Engaging Communities in Reducing Gun Violence: A Road Map for Safer Communities. The conversation around gun violence in the United States is often focused on mass shootings, but too often ignores its devastating effects on communities of color. African-Americans account for… Continue Reading