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Law Schools and the University

Rasmussen, Bob, Law Schools and the University (February 9, 2016). Syracuse Law Review, Forthcoming. Available for download at SSRN:

“This piece, written for a symposium celebrating Rick Matasar’s scholarship, charts a course for law schools over the coming years. In particular, it suggests that law schools need to adjust to the changing environment in the legal profession, and broaden their impact across campus. Law practice is becoming more inter-professional, and law schools should take this opportunity to partner with other units across campus to provide a better education both to their students and to the rest of the students at the university. A law school that becomes more integrated into the fabric of the university will find a successful path going forward.”

How Litigants Evaluate the Characteristics of Legal Procedures: A Multi-Court Empirical Study

Shestowsky, Donna, How Litigants Evaluate the Characteristics of Legal Procedures: A Multi-Court Empirical Study (February 9, 2016). UC Davis Law Review, Vol. 49, 2016; UC Davis Legal Studies Research Paper No. 477. Available for download at SSRN: “This Article presents findings from the first multi-court field study examining how civil litigants evaluate the characteristicsContinue Reading

Sci-Hub, BookFi and LibGen defy court order and move to Dark Web

Via Torrent Freak: “A few days ago several large online repositories of free books and academic articles were pulled offline. Sci-Hub, BookFi and LibGen had their domain names taken away after Elsevier beat them in court. However, the site’s operators are not planning to cease their activities and are continuing their operations through alternative domainsContinue Reading

IRS Audit – Accounting and Controls Need to be Improved for Excess Collections

News release: “Ninety percent of the records in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Excess Collection File (XSF) represent $4.75 billion in credits to which taxpayers no longer have a legal claim. This is a finding in an audit report that the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) publicly released February 4, 2016. The XSFContinue Reading

Executive Order – Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity

“By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to enhance cybersecurity awareness and protections at all levels of Government, business, and society, to protect privacy, to ensure public safety and economic and national security, and to empower Americans to takeContinue Reading

President Obama’s new Cybersecurity National Action Plan

“What is the President’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP)? It’s the capstone of more than seven years of effort from this administration that takes near-term actions and puts in place a long-term strategy to ensure the federal government, the private sector, and American citizens can take better control of our digital security. The President’s planContinue Reading

Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2017

Via GPO – “The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) makes available President Barack Obama’s FY 2017 Budget for the U.S. Government digitally, as a mobile web app for major mobile device platforms and in print at GPO’s retail and online bookstore.  GPO works with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to produce and distributeContinue Reading

GAO Reports – DOD and Coast Guard, Special Education, Supply Chain Risks

DOD and Coast Guard: Actions Needed to Increase Oversight and Management Information on Hazing Incidents Involving Service members, GAO-16-226: Published: Feb 9, 2016. Publicly Released: Feb 9, 2016. “The Department of Defense (DOD), including each of the military services, and the Coast Guard have issued policies to address hazing, but generally do not know theContinue Reading

Accenture reports stats on corporate diversity and inclusion

Julie Sweet, Group Corporate Executive/Accenture: “At Accenture, our commitment to inclusion and diversity starts at the top. We believe strongly that inclusion and diversity are essential for a high performing, talent-led organization. Quite simply, our diversity makes Accenture stronger, smarter and more innovative, which helps us better serve the needs of our clients, our peopleContinue Reading

Comparative International Law, Foreign Relations Law and Fragmentation: Can the Center Hold?

Stephan, Paul B., Comparative International Law, Foreign Relations Law and Fragmentation: Can the Center Hold? (February 2016). Virginia Public Law and Legal Theory Research Paper No. 18. Available for download at SSRN: “This chapter represents my contribution to a book provisionally entitled Comparative International Law, scheduled for publication by Oxford University Press in 2017.Continue Reading

CRS – What Does the Gig Economy Mean for Workers?

What Does the Gig Economy Mean for Workers? Sarah A. Donovan, Analyst in Labor Policy; David H. Bradley, Specialist in Labor Economics; Jon O. Shimabukuro; Legislative Attorney. February 5, 2016. “The gig economy is the collection of markets that match providers to consumers on a gig (or job) basis in support of on-demand commerce. InContinue Reading

Additional Economic Census Subject Series Reports

“The Census Bureau today released three additional reports from its 2012 Economic Census Subject Series. The first, Retail Trade — Establishment and Firm Size, presents sales, payroll and employment data for the United States by various categories. For establishments, the categories are sales size, employment size and legal form of organization. For firms, the categories are sales size, employment size, concentrationContinue Reading