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2012 National Study of Employers

Families and Work Institute’s 2012 National Study of Employers (NSE) “is the most comprehensive and far-reaching study of the practices, policies, programs and benefits provided by U.S. employers to address the changing needs of today’s workforce and workplace. The NSE is based on the Institute’s landmark 1998 Business Work-Life Study (BWLS) and has been conducted three additional times since the BWLS survey was completed (2005, 2008 and 2012)….We then found that, among other things, employees in more effective and flexible workplaces are more likely than other employees to have:

• greater engagement in their jobs;
• higher levels of job satisfaction;
• stronger intentions to remain with their employers;
• less negative and stressful spillover from job to home;
• less negative spillover from home to job; and
• better mental health.”

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