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Daily Archives: May 21, 2013

Report – Markey, Waxman Report Highlights Gaps in Grid Security

News release: “Drawing from responses from more than 100 utilities across America, a new report released today shows that the nation’s electric grid remains highly vulnerable to attacks from Iran and North Korea, or other threats like geomagnetic storms from solar activity. The report, released by Reps. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) indicates that the lengthy, industry-driven process by which grid security standards are set results in long delays and haphazard implementation of the voluntary security recommendations the industry refuses to make mandatory. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is holding a hearing on cybersecurity on Tuesday. The full report, entitled “Electric Grid Vulnerability: Industry Responses Reveal Security Gaps”, can be found HERE. In January, Reps. Markey and Waxman sent letters to more than 150 utilities asking how often the grid came under attack, what measures the utilities were taking to protect against cyber attacks like the Stuxnet computer worm, and other questions.”

FTC Releases Reports on 2011 Cigarette and Smokeless Tobacco Advertising and Promotion

News release: “The amount spent on cigarette advertising and promotion by the largest cigarette companies in the United States rose from $8.05 billion in 2010 to $8.37 billion in 2011, due mainly to an increase in spending on price discounts, or discounts paid to cigarette retailers or wholesalers in order to reduce the price of… Continue Reading

Pew – Teens, Social Media, and Privacy

Teens, Social Media, and Privacy by Mary Madden, Amanda Lenhart, Sandra Cortesi, Urs Gasser, Maeve Duggan, Aaron Smith. May 21, 2013 “Teens are sharing more information about themselves on social media sites than they have in the past, but they are also taking a variety of technical and non-technical steps to manage the privacy of… Continue Reading

Oklahoma Tornadoes – Disaster Assistance and How You Can Help

“The following resources are available to people who were impacted by the Oklahoma tornadoes: Apply for disaster assistance at or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362). Find an open shelter if you need a place to stay. Let friends and family know you’re safe by registering at the Safe and Well Registry. Talk to a counselor… Continue Reading

New GAO Reports – Natural Resources and Environment, Homeland Security, Immigration Enforcement, Telecommunications Network, GAO FY2014 Budget Request

Natural Resources and Environment – Funding for 10 States’ Programs Supported by Four Environmental Protection Agency Categorical Grants, GAO-13-504R, May 6, 2013 Homeland Security – An Overall Strategy Is Needed to Strengthen Disease Surveillance in Livestock and Poultry, GAO-13-424, May 21, 2013 Immigration Enforcement – Preliminary Observations on DHS’s Overstay Enforcement Efforts, GAO-13-602T, May 21,… Continue Reading

Offshore Profit Shifting and the U.S. Tax Code – Part 2

Offshore Profit Shifting and the U.S. Tax Code – Part 2 (Apple Inc.), Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, May 21, 2013. Includes Member Statements, Witness testimony and Exhibits. Continue Reading

Gallup – Pensions Are Top Income Source for Wealthier U.S. Retirees

Gallup: “U.S. retirees with $50,000 or more in annual income are twice as likely as retirees below that threshold to say a work-sponsored pension plan is a major source of retirement funds. Instead, these lower-income retirees overwhelmingly cite Social Security as a major source of their retirement income…Among all U.S. retirees, Social Security continues to… Continue Reading

GPO is requesting $128.5 million for FY 2014

“GPO is requesting $128.5 million for FY 2014, which is provided through three separate accounts in the annual Legislative Branch Appropriations bill…GPO is the Federal Government’s official, digital, secure resource for producing, procuring, cataloging, indexing, authenticating, disseminating, and preserving the official information products of the U.S. Government. The GPO is responsible for the production and… Continue Reading

New NOAA report examines national oil pollution threat from shipwrecks

News release: “NOAA presented to the U.S. Coast Guard today a new report that finds that 36 sunken vessels scattered across the U.S. seafloor could pose an oil pollution threat to the nation’s coastal marine resources. Of those, 17 were recommended for further assessment and potential removal of both fuel oil and oil cargo. The… Continue Reading