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Daily Archives: July 13, 2013

Developing an E-Curriculum in Law and Technology

Developing an E-Curriculum: Reflections on the Future of Legal Education and on the Importance of Digital Expertise  – Oliver R. Goodenough, Vermont Law School; Harvard University – Berkman Center for Internet & Society, April 22, 2013 Chicago-Kent Law Review, Summer 2013, Forthcoming Vermont Law School Research Paper 13-13

“Legal practice and legal education are both at challenging inflection points, where much of how and what we do as lawyers and how and what we have taught as legal educators comes under scrutiny. Legal technology is an important factor in driving the challenges we face. As we reform our curriculums in this moment of change, we should be guided by considerations of value added, values added, and economic sustainability. Law and technology is an area that is ripe for expansion in our teaching, with the possibility of satisfying all of these criteria. It also provides ample room for scholarly examination. Creating opportunities for learning how technology is shaping legal practice should be a priority for any school looking to provide a useful education for the lawyers of the present, let alone the future.”

Pew – The politics and demographics of food stamp recipients

Rich Morin: “Democrats are about twice as likely as Republicans to have received food stamps at some point in their lives—a participation gap that echoes the deep partisan divide in the U.S. House of Representatives, which on Thursday produced a farm bill that did not include funding for the food stamp program. Overall, a Pew… Continue Reading

Bank of England – Financial Stability Report, June 2013

Bank of England – Financial Stability Report, June 2013 “For much of the period since the previous Report, prices of risky assets rose and balance sheets across the financial system strengthened. More recently, however, asset prices have fallen and financial markets have been volatile, reflecting shifting expectations of the path of monetary policy in some… Continue Reading