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2014 Global Retirement Index

“The Natixis CoreData Global Retirement Index is an international comparison tool with an objective of providing a global benchmark for retirees and future retirees to evaluate and compare the suitability of nations globally in meeting retirement expectations, needs and ambitions. Welfare in retirement is an increasingly relevant issue in modern societies as demographic compositions continue to shift with average ages creeping up relentlessly and the numbers of people finishing their working life increasing. In this context, institutions, be they public or private, are having to adapt the products and services they provide in order to cater not only to an increasing number of retirees, but also to their very different demands and needs. The Natixis CoreData Global Retirement Index is a multidimensional welfare index, which has been developed differently to other welfare indices as it has a specific focus on the parameters determining welfare in retirement and old age. The index incorporates 20 performance indicators, grouped into four thematic sub-indices, which have been calculated on the basis of reliable data from a range of international organizations and academic sources and taking into account the particular characteristics of this demographic group, in order to assess and compare the level of welfare in retirement in different countries around the world. The four thematic indices cover key aspects for welfare in retirement: having good health and access to quality health services, having enough material means to live a comfortable life, having access to quality financial services (including preserving the value of savings) and living in a clean and safe environment.”

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